Piper’s Sarcoid Scare & Recovery

In May, we were concerned when we noticed a strange bump near Piper's eye.

The bump was unusual - textured, misshapen, and growing larger. Dr. Metcalf visited Piper and confirmed our worries: it was a sarcoid, a type of tumor not uncommon in horses. These growths can appear anywhere on the body and even spread. To make matters worse, Dr. Metcalf found another sarcoid on Piper's right shoulder.

Taking Action: Treatment Time

Dr. Metcalf knew it was time to act. He used a targeted treatment called EqStim, injecting it directly into the sarcoid near Piper's eye. The good news? This injection would not only treat that specific sarcoid but also target the one on her shoulder (and any other smaller ones we might have missed!).

Positive Progress: Shrinking Sarcoids

Two weeks later, Piper received another injection. We're thrilled to report that the sarcoids are responding well! They've started to shrink and flatten, a positive sign that the treatment is working.

We'll continue to monitor Piper closely, but we're optimistic that this early intervention will keep her happy and healthy. Stay tuned for future updates on Piper's progress!