A late night rescue mission

At 11:30 on a Saturday night in June, a call went out for urgent help. A 3 month old foal named Trouper, who was already very thin and weak, had been attacked by a dog. When news broke, Miss Jo’s Rescue Ranch and Now That I’m Safe Equine Rescue stepped in, issuing a call for donations to get this baby transported to them for hospital care.

Your funds in action

FarmHouse Fresh pulled proceeds from your 2019 purchases and donated to this foal’s recovery fund—along with 11 other generous, kindhearted people. By 1:30 a.m. Trouper was at Miss Jo's, having his wounds tended, receiving IV fluids and antibiotics. By morning, Trouper was showing that even though the odds were stacked against him, he had fight left. He ate a little, drank a little, and with help, was standing.

Sadly, his vitals took a turn, and even with the quick work of these rescue groups, Trouper was not wanting to continue on. The decision was made that morning to let Trouper find peace - he was humanely euthanized. Trouper passed surrounded by the best group of volunteers and his very own doctor, Josh Harvey. While his story is short, it ended surrounded by love and a large group of caring individuals.

Keeping up the good fights

Not every rescue is successful, but it is important work that you help us support - to give abused and neglected animals a fighting chance. Through your FHF purchases we are able to contribute to the care of animals like Trouper, so that no matter the outcome, they are not alone in their journey. To see more of the incredible work Mitzi & Cherye do with their Now That I'm Safe Equine Rescue organization, visit their facebook page And to learn more about the amazing Miss Jo's Rescue organization, visit their facebook page

You Can Help Any Day And We'll Reward You:

If you contribute $10 or more to either of these incredible groups, snap a screenshot and shoot us an email. We'll send you a free hand cream of your choice!