Power Surge: Ranch Facilities Upgraded

We're thrilled to share a huge update in our ranch facilities – we've extended electricity and water access to reach our third pasture! This expansion brings about a host of benefits for our animals and daily operations.

Water & Power Boost

Previously, our team had to drag nearly 400 feet of hose to provide water to animals across the ranch. With this expansion, water spigots now dot the third pasture and donkey barn, streamlining the process and ensuring hydration for all our furry residents.

Plus, we now have electrical outlets in the third pasture, making vet visits and daily tasks more flexible and efficient. Thanks to your support, our ranch operations are better than ever!

Winter Ready

The timing couldn't have been better – this expansion played a crucial role during the recent freeze. With heated water troughs in the third pasture, our animals stayed warm and well-hydrated even as temperatures plummeted.

Heartfelt Thanks

We extend our deepest gratitude for your generosity, which made this expansion possible. Beyond easing our daily tasks, this improvement positions us to better handle any new rescues with unique needs. Your support truly makes a lasting impact on the well-being of our animals!