Quigly the Pony

Little Pony Saved

This month, we were excited to help Miss Jo's Rescue Ranch save this precious baby who was dropped off at a sale barn with hooves so unkempt they'd grown over 8 inches long. This young gelding was completely uncared for. Overly grown hooves like this aren't just unsightly – it's painful for these animals whose bones can grow in misshapen formations and cause a lifetime of walking and standing discomforts. Rehabilitation has started!

We used funds from FarmHouse Fresh® product purchases not only to get this pony on a road to recovery, but also to cover expenses for veterinarian and farrier care – all because of YOU. Miss Jo's is going to take their time to make sure Quigly slowly has the hoof brought down to normal size. This will include a series of X-rays to understand the affects this mistreatment has had on his bone formation. Quigly has hope for a healthy and hopefully pain-free life ahead once Miss Jo's finds the perfect caring forever home for him.

Hay For Many

Part of this month's donation also went to a large purchase of alfalfa for all the animals that are currently undergoing a rehabilitation at Miss Jo's Rescue Ranch.

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