Helping Karl Walk Again

Karl Gets Weekly Visits for Rehab

Karl spent over 2 full months in a straight cast, hopping around the pasture on three legs. When we removed the cast, he couldn't bend his leg at all. He would barely place it on the ground. So we knew he'd need therapy to walk properly. Weekly vet visits with Dr. Avery began. We called it Row Your Boat Therapy. One of us would hold his horns, and Dr. Avery would circle the leg around to stretch and bend it. When we first started, he had about 10 degrees of bend. Each visit, we spent the last few seconds gently giving the leg just a little more pressure to push that 10 degrees a little further. Goats are incredibly vocal. You can imagine that painful little stretch at the end of each visit, was a cry heard around the world! As you see from the pictures, Stryker, our quarter horse and head of the farm, came to visit on the sessions to make sure no funny business was going on with his little friend. Today, you would never know Karl ever had a broken leg! He is as rambunctious as the others, and will live his life at the ranch without aches, pains or a limp from his injury.