Rosie's Hidden Infection & Remarkable Recovery

One day, our attentive Ranch Hand noticed something abnormal with our paint horse Rosie – a dark red discharge coming from her vulva. Dr. Metcalf came out to examine her, performed an ultrasound of her uterus, and confirmed his suspicion: a gallon of infected fluid had built up in Rosie's uterus.

The Culprit? Conformation Issues

Rosie's distinctive body structure predisposes her to uterine infections, and unfortunately, it also facilitated the entry of manure into her reproductive system, leading to an infection.

Fighting Back: Flushing, Antibiotics & More!

Dr. Metcalf worked tirelessly to combat the infection. He flushed out the uterus (cleaning out a lot of the infection), prescribed antibiotics, and even used injections to strengthen the uterus muscles.

Weeks of Teamwork & Treatment Adjustments

We kept a close eye on Rosie with weekly checkups. Ultrasounds and flushing treatments became routine. Her chronic infection demanded innovative solutions – so we explored different antibiotics, including direct injections into her uterus, and even switched to a stronger disinfectant for flushing.

The results were promising! Slowly but surely, the volume of fluid decreased – from a gallon to a mere cup of coffee, and ultimately, almost none!

After over two dedicated months of treatment, Rosie's uterus showed dramatic improvement! We have a follow-up checkup with Dr. Metcalf in a month to make sure our gal stays healthy.

Early Detection Makes All the Difference

Amazingly, Rosie showed no outward signs of her internal battle. Her personality and behavior remained completely normal! The only clue was the unusual discharge spotted by one of our eagle-eyed Sanctuary Ranch Hands.

The moral of the story? Early detection is key! Even subtle signs might indicate a larger issue. Without our team member’s keen observation, this infection could have persisted for who knows how long.

At our FHF Sanctuary, we're committed to providing the BEST care possible for all our animals. Rosie's story is a testament to the dedication of our team and the importance of routine checkups. It's also a reminder that even the most subtle signs shouldn't be ignored!