Saved Before the Snow Storm

In the last 6 days, Texas has had unprecedented negative temps and snow. We were moved to donate to Nicholas Pet Haven in East Texas who put out a call for donations. Nicholas Pet Haven was started by Nicholas Nash when he was only 13. He is now 21 and has helped rescue so many animals in East Texas.
On a daily basis they take in strays, and in just one of many of their emergency rescues this week, as they were out checking local residences and happened by a home with good people, that were in over their heads and needed help with the approaching weather. There were a huge number of cats and dogs outside in the cold. Over 30+ cats! The Smith County Sheriffs Dept. sent a Deputy to assist. Not only did Nicholas Pet Haven fill dog houses with hay, and feed and water each animal, when the owners came home, they offered to buy the animals. Nicholas Pet Haven took in 8 dogs, worked to find fosters, and is caring for the many sweet faces they've taken in.

Follow Nicholas Pet Haven

We are huge supporters of boots on the ground organizations. They work tirelessly day in and day out contributing to the welfare and betterment of animals. You can see the many daily rescues on their Facebook page, and if you're interested in donating, adopting or fostering, please reach out to them. Follow Nicholas Pet Haven on Facebook! If you contribute $10 or more to their non profit rescue, snap a screenshot and shoot us an email. We'll send you a free hand cream of your choice!