Special Shoes for a Special Lady

Back in November, our sweet Mae started limping and seemed in pain while walking. Dr. Metcalf's examination revealed that she had laminitis in her front hooves, which was quite a shock considering she’s never had issues like this before!

Delayed Treatment, Immediate Relief

Since Mae had other health issues like seizures and Strangles that needed attention first, her long-term treatment for laminitis was put on hold. To give her some immediate comfort, Dr. Metcalf crafted custom molds using Dental Impression, providing her hooves with the extra support they needed.

A Special Solution

Fast forward to February 12, and Mae was ready for the next step in her recovery. Dr. Metcalf fitted her with custom clogs, similar to those worn by some of our other horses.

For Mae's special pair, he added an additional layer of support, tailored just for her. Mae took to her new shoes like a champ, and the very next day, she was out and about, moving comfortably and happily.

Looking Ahead

We'll be keeping a close eye on Mae's progress, with follow-up appointments every 5-6 weeks to ensure her hooves are healing as they should. Her recovery journey is unique to her, and we're committed to making sure she gets the care and attention she needs every step of the way!