Spirit's Recovery: Beating Laminitis One Hoof at a Time

Back in May 2023, our sweet rescue pony Spirit began showing signs of discomfort, and a vet visit confirmed our worst fears: acute laminitis.

What is Laminitis?

Laminitis is a painful condition affecting the hooves, where the sensitive tissues become inflamed. This can lead to rotation and separation of the hoof wall, causing immense pain for the horse.

Spirit's Treatment Plan

Dr. Metcalf, our dedicated veterinarian, devised a comprehensive treatment plan for Spirit. This included:

  • Strict Stall Rest: Limited movement was crucial to reduce pressure on his hooves.
  • Custom Clogs: These specially designed shoes provided support and pressure relief.
  • Dietary Adjustments: Soaked hay and a balanced diet helped manage sugar levels.
  • Medications: Medications like bute and Thyro-L addressed inflammation and underlying hormonal imbalances.

The Road to Recovery

The recovery process was long, but Spirit's progress was steady. Regular vet checkups and adjustments to his treatment plan kept him on the path to healing. By December 2023, his insulin levels were significantly lower, a key indicator of improvement.

A Turning Point in March

March brought fantastic news! X-rays revealed Spirit's hooves had healed remarkably, with significant sole depth growth. He was finally free from the pain of laminitis and could say goodbye to his clogs!

Monitoring Insulin Levels

Despite Spirit's recovery from laminitis, we continue to monitor his insulin levels closely. High insulin levels can be a sign of insulin resistance, which can lead to laminitis. By keeping a close eye on his levels, we can ensure he remains healthy and pain-free.

Soaking Hay: A Key Ingredient in Success

Soaking hay plays a vital role at our Farm, especially for horses prone to laminitis. By removing excess sugars, soaked hay helps manage insulin levels and promotes overall hoof health.

A Bright Future for Spirit

Today, Spirit enjoys a healthy life at our Sanctuary, and his soaked hay regimen continues. This, combined with regular monitoring, allows us to effectively manage his condition.

We're SO grateful to Dr. Metcalf and our incredible team for their expertise and dedication in helping Spirit regain his happy, healthy hooves!