Sweet Little Light Lost

Sweet Little Light, LiloSweet Little Light

We lost our sweet Lilo to a tragic accident, and it's been really difficult to bear. At our property, we use hay bags that hang from all our posts and fences. They're called slow-feed bags because it helps equines not overeat. We always worried about hanging them too low because an animal's foot could get get caught in the bag.  We never thought a goat with horns could become tangled in a bag. But that is what happened in the wee morning hours, and we're devastated. We can't even explain how this would happen. It is such a tragic, tragic loss. She was the spunkiest loveliest young lady. Just a joy be around - always hopping on top of the hay cart, and bouncing around the ranch. 

Lilo was the very best friend to Stitch - another Kiko goat who arrived missing a leg, and who underwent a blood transfusion to survive. We're worried about Stitch's recovery from this loss. Lilo was the spitfire who romped around with him. And her presence is missed by everyone.  

Lilo and stitch