Teddy's Castration & Speedy Recovery

Teddy joined our Sanctuary at 18 months as a jack, meaning he hadn't been castrated. For rescued males, we prioritize preventing reproduction. Dr. Metcalf, in a routine check, found that Teddy's left testicle hadn't dropped.

The Waiting Game

Over the next three months, Dr. Metcalf monitored Teddy's condition, hoping for the testicle to drop naturally. Spoiler alert: it didn’t happen. This prolonged Teddy's separation from any females in our herd.

Cryptorchid Suspicions 

Suspecting Teddy might be cryptorchid, a condition where the testicle doesn't descend, we decided to move forward with surgery at Weems Hospital. The goal was to expedite Teddy's recovery and reintegrate him with the herd.

Successful Surgery

Dr. Clounch performed the castration surgery, and it went smoothly. Teddy was back home the next day, and absorbable sutures meant no follow-up appointments were necessary!

Following surgery, Teddy had to wait patiently for another 30 days before being reintroduced to female members of the herd.