Teddy's Not Feeling Up to Hay

Our top priority is the well-being of our furry residents. So, when Teddy (our orphaned baby donkey) wasn't quite himself at breakfast, we knew something was up.

More Than Just Picky Eating

Teddy is a hearty eater, so it was a red flag when he left most of his morning hay untouched. To make matters worse, when we offered him a treat, his chewing seemed labored and off-balance.

This is where our regular check-ups with Dr. Metcalf came in handy! Luckily, he was scheduled to visit the ranch that very day.

A Case of Uneven Chompers

Dr. Metcalf took a closer look at Teddy's mouth and discovered the culprit: his teeth had developed a "stair step" appearance, instead of the smooth surface they should have. This uneven wear can make chewing uncomfortable for horses.

Thankfully, the solution was a simple one! Dr. Metcalf performed a procedure called "floating," which is essentially a dental filing for horses. It didn't take long, and Teddy was back to his happy, hay-munching self in no time!

Keeping Our Herd Healthy

Regular check-ups with our veterinarian help us catch small issues before they become big problems. This ensures our furry friends stay happy and healthy!