Theo's Eye on the Mend

A Surprising Saturday

This Saturday brought us an unexpected twist when we noticed Theo's right eye was swollen and teary. We didn't waste a moment, heading straight to the hospital.

The Diagnosis

Our trusted vet, Dr. Splawn, conducted a thorough exam and confirmed our suspicions – Theo had a corneal ulcer. You could see it as bright spots on his eye, signaling trouble.

Theo's Recovery

The treatment plan was simple yet essential – eye drops three times a day for the next two weeks. Remarkably, Theo took it all in stride, proving to be a patient patient.

Back in the Game

In a short time, we noticed significant improvements. His eye was on the mend, the swelling had gone down, and, best of all, it didn't stop him from being his playful self. With your support, we're on track for a full recovery, and we can't wait for more adventures with our brave Theo.