This Mermaid is Making Her Comeback!

Willow is doing great

Willow is Standing Tall  Again 

Our Belgian Draft, Willow, who arrived with dropped pasterns in both legs, and who is a candidate for a novel non-invasive surgery, has completed her 6 week antibiotic course and is infection free!  So you know exactly what everyday looked like:
- 8am antibiotic with breakfast
- 10am 25 tablets of gastrointestinal medicine
- Noon priobiotic
- 2pm afternoon feeding with pain meds
- 6pm 25 more tablets of gastrointestinal medicine 
* Every other day, clean and re-compression wrap

Dr. Metcalf (our emergency veterinarian and podiatrist) and Dr. Vlahos (Yellowstone Equine in Wyoming) tag-teamed to ensure her infection was treated, and that her swelling leg was drained, cleaned and compressed throughout the course. Can you believe the size of that IV bag? We are re-wrapping her leg every other day to ensure she has support for her lymphoedema. And Dr. Metcalf is coming next week to see about adding some podiatry support for her "good" back hoof which has had a few abscesses. 

Willow gallops

Galloping Again

Willow hasn't trotted or galloped in many months - until now. We couldn't believe it -- SHE couldn't believe it-- when she joined the herd running out to our "Field of Dreams."  She's been compression wrapped and walking slowly for so long, I think we all forgot how good it feels to be well again.

She is standing tall, and there is a confidence in her stance. She's perky. She's feisty.  She's mean to the boys in her group! We used to crouch under her 8-foot tall frame, and weave in and around her leg to compression wrap. Not anymore! Can't take the chance. She's "loud and proud." So we're adjusting to her newfound spunk and we're DARN GLAD TO DO IT! We are holding onto every happy moment with this gal who has just overcome so much.   

Willow has hurdles, having both back legs with extensive tendon injuries. We're really hopeful she'll maintain this great progress, so she can have a non-invasive tendon surgery that breaks up the bad tendon and allows new Collagen to form. Our surgeon has had success with many other horses. We're really cheering for lady's future! Stay tuned!