Too Late

Gentle Mule Rescue at FarmHouse Fresh Sanctuary

Rescue Mission No Matter the Outcome 

There are animals you just can't get out of your mind. And this was one of those. This beautiful mule was hopping on 3 legs at the sale barn with a gigantic hock (knee), and completely emaciated. We knew going in the outcome for him was grim. Our vets had already watched his video at the auction and cautioned us that more than likely we would not be able to help, even with a surgery. 

Neglected Mule 

Sweet Beyond Words

We named him Sonny - this gentle, quiet young boy had been starved, and withstood an injury to the leg (possibly a year ago!) and was never helped by his owners. Shameful. The damage to the hock was substantial, but the worst news was that his condition left him with little bone density and calcium. Mistreated in every sense of the word. Even if we could help relieve his pain, Xrays showed that the bone condition was so poor, he might only have days before a catastrophic injury to the leg.

Neglected Mule

Do it Anyway

We talked before this mission. We knew he was tagged for a Mexican Slaughter Factory, and animals like him who can barely stand, won't even make it to the border. They are packed into trucks, and often trampled by the many animals crammed into the container. Our heart breaks for all of the pets - yes PETS - unknowingly sold at auction to a "straight ship" and to an unimaginable, tortured death. So no matter the thousand plus dollars it took to get this boy, and take him to our surgeon -- we committed to making sure he would not suffer that fate.

It is an emotional gut punch for our team. Sonny passed peacefully, hugged, loved, and surrounded by us. He was buried at Pine Hill, along with our other Sanctuary animals that have crossed the rainbow bridge. We adopted our doctor's life mission last year -- which is to care for all animals in such a way that they will thank us if we meet them again in heaven. This is the only way to move us out of the anger and sadness about this poor boy. His owners failed him. They system let him suffer in holding areas for weeks. And all we could do was help him pass on to stop his suffering.

Pass the SAFE ACT

There is a field with a hundred horses and donkeys - many elderly, limping, bruised, bleeding, and afraid for their lives. They huddle - moms and babies. This is at 1 sale barn near us. Just 1. And these 100 will never be showcased online where families can buy them. They will be loaded onto crammed trucks and the ones that survive a 100 degree trip to the border will suffer a tortured death. It is absolutely INHUMANE & INHUMAN... that we allow this to happen to animals we've raised. A bipartisan bill HR3355 is waiting. It absolutely must get brought to a vote and PASSED. And we are going to work until we have no energy left to ensure that it does. This bill will no longer allow the transport of equines to other countries for slaughter. Stay tuned, as we may need your help - and most certainly your voice.