Mom & Pups Locked in Scorching Trailer

Rescued by: Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport, FL

Meet Gaia, a brave 5-year-old Bulldog mix named after the Greek Goddess of Life. When she arrived at Alaqua Animal Refuge, she carried the weight of her past, having fought tirelessly to feed her six puppies despite being severely malnourished herself.

Gaia was rescued from a heart-wrenching cruelty case alongside 31 other suffering animals, ranging from horses and dogs to exotic birds. The scene was truly horrific. Gaia and her pups were confined to a sweltering trailer, with scorching temps soaring above 100 degrees. There was no electricity for cooling, and they couldn't find a source of water. Despite all this, Gaia's motherly instincts and determination to protect her pups never wavered.

Upon arriving at Alaqua Animal Refuge, it was clear that Gaia needed urgent medical attention and a safe space to recover. Her fear of humans was a heartbreaking consequence of her past trauma, and they had to separate her from her puppies temporarily to ensure they all received adequate care and nourishment.

Currently, the Alaqua Animal Refuge team is preparing Gaia for eye enucleation. Her road to recovery may be challenging, but they are hopeful that she will regain her health and trust in humans. Stay tuned for updates on her progress, as well as that of her precious puppies!

The Smurfy Ever After Rescue Project is helping this incredible organization's team to provide rescue & healing:

Alaqua offers respite to over 500 animals at any given time, helping them find loving homes through over 100 adoptions monthly. Their impact goes beyond finding homes, as they've developed programs that serve diverse members of the community, from children with special needs to seniors seeking companionship. Committed to providing the best care, Alaqua ensures its animals enjoy optimal living conditions, with cats roaming freely in "loft apartments" and dogs relishing spacious outdoor runs.

To continue their vital work, Alaqua relies on donations and fundraising events, with operational costs exceeding $250,000 per month. Their dedication to saving innocent lives is boundless, and they envision a future of even greater impact. Alaqua's Campaign for Animal Refuge is a multi-million dollar fundraising initiative aimed at relocating and expanding to 100 acres of donated land. This new home will redefine sanctuary for animals and people alike, fostering hope, renewal, and second chances.

To learn more about Alaqua Animal Refuge, please visit HERE.