30 Lives Saved From Overcrowded TX Shelters

Rescued by: Archangel Animal Network in Frisco, TX

Today, 30 beautiful and deserving shelter dogs were given a life-saving ticket to a long and wonderful journey! Hailing from Fort Worth Animal Care & Control in Fort Worth, Texas (a high-intake municipal shelter with 1,000+ animals in its care), an array of adorable dogs and puppies, each with their unique personalities, eagerly loaded up on a rescue transport bus. Their destination? A new chapter of hope and happiness in Washington and Oregon. This initiative is extremely meaningful, as it aims to address the unfortunate reality of Texas ranking #1 in animal euthanizations due to pet overpopulation.

Many of these dogs already have adopters eagerly waiting to welcome them into their homes. The rest will find loving families through the tireless efforts of the Pacific Northwest rescue partners. By relocating these pups to regions with lower pet overpopulation, Archangel Animal Network Dog and their rescue partners are granting them a second chance at life.

This transport alone saved many of these dogs from a heartbreaking fate - the very real risk of euthanasia, simply because the daily intake of unwanted animals at this municipal shelter far exceeds adoptions and rescues. Through the Smurfy Ever After Rescue Project, Archangel Animal Network and their receiving partners are working to address this crisis and provide these dogs with a chance at finding loving homes and a brighter future.

If you're looking to adopt, here is a list of the receiving rescues that are welcoming the dogs from this transport, and who partner year-round to accept dogs from this shelter - and many other southern shelters - via monthly transports:

The Smurfy Ever After Rescue Project is helping this incredible organization's team to provide rescue & healing:

In Texas alone, over 200,000 shelter animals face euthanasia due to overpopulation every year, but AAN is making a difference. As of August 2023, Archangel Animal Network has sent 4,600+ dogs (and some kitties, too) on rescue transport since 2019 to rescues in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and Northeast, where these 'unwanted' animals find loving, forever homes.

Delia's efficient approach ensures that every donated penny goes directly towards funding the cross-country rescue transports. AAN relies on event fundraisers (5%) and individual donors (95%) to fund their vital operations. Their success has transformed the lives of countless animals and uplifted shelter staff morale. Rescue transport will not solve the pet overpopulation crisis, but for the many animals who receive a second chance and get to live happily ever after, it IS truly life changing.

For information on Archangel Animal Network, follow their ongoing efforts on Facebook.

As AAN continues to grow, Delia's goal is to find more Northern receiving rescue partners and secure corporate sponsorships and grant funding. With greater support, more transports can be conducted, and more lives can be saved.