Rescuers Fight to Save Pregnant Mare’s Life

Rescued by: Focus Animal Rescue & Rehab in Portage County, OH

Mom & Baby Update: Challenging Birth

Mom is doing well, but she faced a challenging birth. Her baby, named Brutus, had his feet and nose stuck for over an hour before the founder's husband helped release his trapped shoulders. Due to this difficult birth, Brutus exhibited signs of Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome, struggling with weakness, incoordination, and confusion.

Despite these challenges, Brutus never gave up – even teaching himself to drink from a bucket all on his own. But within 24 hours, the sweet little guy displayed swelling and resistance in his left front leg.

Immediate, aggressive treatment ensued, with the vet visiting daily. The Focus team worked tirelessly, providing round-the-clock care with medication, temperature checks, bandage changes, and milk preparation. But eventually, Brutus and his mama were transported to OSU, where a CT scan identified an infection in the coffin joint.

After exploring all options, the vets found the damage irreversible. Brutus was kept comfortable until the team made the long drive to say their goodbyes, helping his pass peacefully, and bring his mama home.

While Brutus may no longer be with us, his spirit lives on, and your continued support ensures ongoing care for his mama, now known as Merida.

From the Beginning:

In the vast expanse of Ohio, the Focus Rescue & Rehab team encountered a heart-wrenching scene: 50 untouched horses roaming, breeding, and fighting on 125 acres of land. Among them, a sweet pregnant mare and her young babies.

As they assisted in the seizure of these neglected horses, they noticed the mare's leg bore a large, painful wound. Some believed euthanasia was the only option, but the team knew they couldn't give up on her. To provide a new life for her, her babies, and her soon-to-arrive foal, they were brought into the care of Focus Rescue & Rehab.

Capturing this heavily pregnant mare wasn't easy; it took multiple trips with a team of rescuers. But since arriving at their sanctuary, she's been thriving, revealing a surprisingly sweet and curious side. She seeks the team’s attention and loves gentle scratches!

As they eagerly await the arrival of her foal, the Focus Rescue & Rehab team can't help but hope that her kind nature remains unchanged. The days are ticking, and soon, a new life will bless their sanctuary! Stay tuned for more updates.

The Smurfy Ever After Rescue Project is helping this incredible organization's team to provide rescue & healing:

Each horse entering their program receives meticulous care, including health assessments, veterinary attention, and farrier care. Thorough training assessments guide them in finding ideal adopters, ensuring a loving forever home where they can thrive.

With a strict return policy, FOCUS Rescue & Rehab prioritizes the long-term welfare of their rescues, ensuring they are never at risk of neglect or auction-bound fate. Their commitment to the well-being of each equine is unwavering, and they stand by our horses throughout their journey.

To learn more about Focus Rescue & Rehab, please visit HERE.