Rescuers Fight to Save Pregnant Mare’s Life

Rescued by: Focus Animal Refuge & Rehab in Portage County, OH

In the vast expanse of Ohio, the Focus Rescue & Rehab team encountered a heart-wrenching scene: 50 untouched horses roaming, breeding, and fighting on 125 acres of land. Among them, a sweet pregnant mare and her young babies.

As they assisted in the seizure of these neglected horses, they noticed the mare's leg bore a large, painful wound. Some believed euthanasia was the only option, but the team knew they couldn't give up on her. To provide a new life for her, her babies, and her soon-to-arrive foal, they were brought into the care of Focus Rescue & Rehab.

Capturing this heavily pregnant mare wasn't easy; it took multiple trips with a team of rescuers. But since arriving at their sanctuary, she's been thriving, revealing a surprisingly sweet and curious side. She seeks the team’s attention and loves gentle scratches!

As they eagerly await the arrival of her foal, the Focus Rescue & Rehab team can't help but hope that her kind nature remains unchanged. The days are ticking, and soon, a new life will bless their sanctuary! Stay tuned for more updates.

The Smurfy Ever After Rescue Project is helping this incredible organization's team to provide rescue & healing:

Each horse entering their program receives meticulous care, including health assessments, veterinary attention, and farrier care. Thorough training assessments guide them in finding ideal adopters, ensuring a loving forever home where they can thrive.

With a strict return policy, FOCUS Rescue & Rehab prioritizes the long-term welfare of their rescues, ensuring they are never at risk of neglect or auction-bound fate. Their commitment to the well-being of each equine is unwavering, and they stand by our horses throughout their journey.

To learn more about Focus Rescue & Rehab, please visit HERE.