Rescue Heroes Step In to Save Willa, a Blind Senior Dog

Rescued by: Rescue Row in Dallas, TX

Willa's story began when she was found as a stray in the Ft. Worth area, and sadly, no one came to claim her. This sweet 13-year-old Shih-Tzu mix ended up in a shelter, where her senior age and health condition put her on a list that no dog deserves. But Rescue Row said NO! They knew they had to save her and provide her with the care she desperately needed.

As soon as Willa came into their care, they took her to the vet, and the list of health issues she faced was heart-wrenching: bilateral ear infections, terrible teeth, itchy skin infection, along with dry and painful eyes (and quickly, they found out she is blind).

As they carefully clipped her matted fur, they couldn't help but wonder about the hardships she must have faced. And while they may never be able to undo the suffering she has endured, they know for certain that from now on, Willa will finally experience the life she's always deserved – one filled with good rest, plentiful food, and the overdue care she needs to heal and flourish.

After receiving critical dental care and having her eyes removed, Willa's healing journey is well underway. Her foster mom is taking things extra slow with Willa, knowing that she hasn't had many positive experiences with affection or human touch. As she continues to recover, everyone is hopeful that she will learn to trust once again and set forth on finding her forever family.

The Smurfy Ever After Rescue Project is helping this incredible organization's team to provide rescue & healing:

With the unwavering support of our devoted volunteers and caring foster homes, they strive to rescue as many voiceless dogs as possible. Their comprehensive adoption process ensures that each dog finds a loving, responsible, and committed permanent home. They leave no stone unturned, assisting dogs in distress regardless of age, breed, or ease of placement.

At Rescue Row, every dog in their care receives the utmost care and attention. They ensure all of the dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and receive all necessary veterinary care. While these dogs await their forever homes, they are placed in nurturing foster environments to foster their physical and emotional well-being.

Rescue Row's commitment doesn't end with the adoption process; they remain a helpful resource for you even after your new furry friend has joined your family. Rescue Row is here to support you every step of the way, as we believe that a rescued dog is not just a pet, but a cherished companion who deserves a life filled with love and happiness.

To learn more about Rescue Row, please visit HERE