Neglect to New Beginnings: Meet Butters, Ribbons, Beau & Twitch

Rescued by: Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue in Dansville, MI

Butters Update: Promising Progress!

Great news — Butters is thriving! After being taken off antibiotics, he's being closely observed to track his progress. He's gained an impressive 37 pounds. While he remains a bit shy, there's a positive shift as he's gradually becoming more comfortable around people. In fact, he happily indulged in a thorough brushing session to untangle his fur.

Meet Butters, a 9-month-old standard-sized male Jack donkey. Little Butters faced near-starvation and abandonment at an auction, where he stood alone, scared, and sick. Despite his desperate condition, not a single bid was placed for this emaciated baby, likely due to his lethargy and evident illness. A rescue partner alerted Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue to Butters' plight, knowing he needed urgent assistance. Donkeys often fall seriously ill at auctions, and this weakened foal was no exception. Acting swiftly, the team purchased Butters for $100 and rushed him to a reputable equine hospital.

Initial veterinary assessment revealed Butters had a body score of 1-1 1/2, indicating severe malnutrition. His labored breathing prompted blood work and lung ultrasounds, which showed he had pneumonia and lung abscesses. Butters is currently undergoing treatment with antibiotics and receiving careful supportive care. To prevent refeeding syndrome, a potentially fatal condition arising from too-rapid refeeding of malnourished animals, Butters is on a gradual refeeding plan.

Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue’s dedicated veterinary team is addressing Butters' existing ailments and closely monitoring him for any additional complications stemming from his auction ordeal. As long as Butters fights, they promise to fight alongside him, determined to secure his recovery. The hopeful news is that Butters' condition is improving as he transitions from IV medications to oral treatments. His growing appetite and spirited behavior during treatments signal his progress!

It's clear that Butters LOVES his new accommodations, delighting in his cozy "hotel suite.” His favorite pastime is rolling around wood shavings, reminding the team to appreciate life's small joys.

Ribbons and her adorable baby Beau were rescued from the clutches of a PA auction. But there was more to this incredible rescue story than meets the eye. The two donkeys were adorned with ribbons in their halters, a deceptive ploy by traders to squeeze more money out of buyers by making them believe the animals came from a loving family.

But the Turning Point Donkey Rescue team didn't fall for their deceit. Little did they know, Ribbons was carrying another precious life in her belly (they saved a trifecta that day!). Baby Twitch came into this world with a bang, full of energy and spunk before he was even completely born. He couldn't wait to get up on his feet and impatiently twitched his head while his mom pushed, earning him the fitting name, Twitch.

Now, at just one month old, Twitch is a firecracker of joy and energy. Every day, he reminds the rescue team why they fight for these innocent beings. Ribbons, Beau, and Twitch are the living proof of the miracles that compassion and determination can bring.

The Smurfy Ever After Rescue Project is helping this incredible organization's team to provide rescue & healing:

Donkeys arrive at Turning Pointe from a range of distressing situations, including slaughter pipelines, abuse, neglect, and animal control seizures. Their "Safety Net Program" provides a refuge for owner surrenders, ensuring no questions asked and a judgment-free space for donkeys in need. Education is a cornerstone of their work, involving collaborations with veterinary universities, hands-on instruction for owners, and planned educational tours. They’re dedicated to dispelling misunderstandings about donkeys and mules, fostering a better understanding of their care and handling.

Operated by devoted staff and volunteers, TPDR is a tax-exempt non-profit organization relying on donations to provide essential care. With goals to expand their efforts, they aim to establish crisis intervention grant fund programs for donkeys and mules facing temporary crises, including hay/grain funds, emergency veterinary care, and castration support.

To learn more about the Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue, please visit HERE.