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Dorper Sheep

March 2021

A Little Bit About Me...
Blossom's story began as a little lamb rejected by her mother and facing minor health problems. But, fate brought her to our sanctuary where she met her perfect herd mate, Flower. Despite initial struggles with bloat, our dedicated sanctuary manager, Lauri, never gave up on her. With the help of an innovative rumen fluid transplant and proper care, Blossom made a full recovery and now thrives as a happy, independent and wise member of the herd.

Read the full rescue story HERE:

Blossom is affectionate but also independent. She will come to you for pets but then wander off again. Like her herd mate Flower, she also enjoys chasing the green cart!

Your purchase help us rescue and care for forgotten, neglected and abused farm animals that come to live at our FHF Sanctuary. Follow their transformations here.

Rescue Journey