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October 1998

A Little Bit About Me...
We found Izzy at a sale barn in a heartbreaking state – emaciated and graded at a mere 1 on the body scale. Her severely overgrown teeth likely kept her from eating properly for months. The first few nights involved a strict starvation refeeding program, where we offered her small bowls of soup every few hours. After spending a week in the hospital and overcoming pneumonia, she's back home with us on the Farm and taking each step toward recovery with newfound strength!

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Izzy loves her alfalfa hay and always has green lips from eating it! She notices everything you do and is curious what you're up to. Despite her past, she is super friendly to people and very eager to meet the other animals!

Your purchase help us rescue and care for forgotten, neglected and abused farm animals that come to live at our FHF Sanctuary. Follow their transformations here.

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