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Finnsheep Katahdin Cross Sheep

March 2019

A Little Bit About Me...
During a routine traffic stop, five sheep (including Pearl) were found hog-tied in the trunk of a car on a sweltering day. Tragically, one sheep had already passed away due to heat exhaustion, and the driver was arrested. The remaining sheep were taken to the ASPCA for evaluation and care, and after a few weeks of treatment, they were welcomed into our sanctuary. Unfortunately, one of the sheep (Hazel) passed away after a week at our sanctuary despite being hospitalized at OSU. It was during her hospital stay that we discovered she was pregnant. After this, we blood-tested all of the sheep and found that Pearl was also pregnant, and so began our anticipation for the arrival of a baby!

Read the full rescue story HERE:

We're not sure if Pearl is Ruby's mother, but since the arrival of Honey, her maternal instincts have become apparent towards both of them.

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