Belgian Sorrel Draft Horse

Date of Arrival
September 2021

Summer and her sister, Autumn, were brought to us by a rescue organization. They were immediately taken to the hospital for evaluation and were placed next to each other in stalls, where they were constantly crying to each other, revealing the strong bond they had. Our vet believes they worked together as draft horses. Summer has a large, round sore on her rear leg that we treat daily.

She is the younger of the "Season Sisters" and always looks to Autumn for comfort. She struggles to be separated from Autumn and they usually eat in the same stall. She also immediately formed a connection with Willow and the two walk together like best friends.

Summer loves to be brushed and scratched and will start lip flapping almost right away. She can be patient with her treatments, but she also still has fear. Summer prefers tiny goat treats to regular horse ones and can be quite protective of them, sometimes grabbing them with a bit too much enthusiasm.

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