Date of Arrival
November 2020

Daisy was found at an auction with injuries to her eye and leg, as well as being underweight. With the help of Dr. Avery, her eye was successfully recovered through surgery. She arrived at the same time as Foster and another horse, but unfortunately, the other horse passed away.

Despite her difficult past, Daisy has a unique personality. She is sweet, but with a complex nature. She may come up to you as if she wants to be loved on, but as soon as you go to pet her, she pins her ears back and stares you down. However, when it comes to handling, such as hoof picking or braiding her hair, she is patient and obedient.

Sometimes, Daisy gets so excited for meals that she "dances" in her stall. Like Stryker, Daisy seems to appreciate the fact that we rescued her, but is not quite sure how to make that work with her past, and is often found together with Stryker, in the pasture or even in a stall.

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