Quarter Horse

Date of Arrival
October 2022

Piper's journey began in Wyoming, where her owners found her in a field with a leg injury after it got stuck in a wire fence, and her hoof had come off. They brought her to Dr. Vlahos, who said the leg could be saved with proper treatment, but they were unable to provide it, and the only option was to amputate. They surrendered her to Dr. V and he contacted us to see if we could take her in, which we said yes to!

Piper is still learning to trust people, but she is an excellent patient every morning as it takes four of us to change her prosthetic. She has the softest fur and her wild mane blows everywhere when the wind picks up!

While she stays locked up at night, surrounded by hay bags, we are slowly introducing her to the herd and different areas of the ranch. The other animals, especially the big horses, love to graze with her. Piper is very submissive and will smack her lips together when they investigate her.

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