Bachelorette Buzz: Recreate Jenn Tran's Stunning Body Glow!

Calling all Bachelor Nation fans! This season, Bachelorette Jenn Tran has been captivating us with her stunning looks, and her radiant skin is a major show-stopper. But what's the secret to her sun-kissed glow?

Behind-the-Scenes Beauty with Celebrity Makeup Artist Fabiola

Thanks to a little insider info from celebrity makeup artist Fabiola, we can now reveal the key products used to create Jenn's signature glow. The good news? It's easier to recreate than you might think! Get glowing like the bachelorette in 3 simple steps:

1. Deep Hydration & Dewy Finish:

Jenn's radiant look starts with a foundation of deep hydration. Moon Dip® Body Mousse is the secret weapon, providing intense moisture and a dewy finish that looks fresh and natural.

2. Golden Touch & Shimmer:

To add a touch of warmth and a golden sheen, Lustre Drench® Instant Glow Dry Oil is layered on top. This lightweight oil seals in moisture and leaves a gorgeous golden shimmer on the skin.

3. Sun-Kissed Highlight:

The final touch? Highlighting! Sunshine Silk® Shimmer Air Oil is used to create a radiant, sun-kissed glow on the shoulders, décolletage, and arms. This lightweight oil adds a touch of highlight without feeling greasy or heavy.