Behind the Scenes of Jodie Foster's Oscars Look

Recently, our FHF glambassador and celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman had the honor of prepping the legendary Jodie Foster for the Oscars. Get a sneak peek into the prep session that led to Jodie's stunning appearance, straight from Brett himself! 

Prep: Setting the Stage for Radiance

  • Cleanse: “Nothing glows like the skin just under the surface. Uncover gently with FHF’s Three Milk™ Whipfoliant™ exfoliating facial cleanser. It’s new and fab. My tip: When using in the shower, slather it on your face AND neck to ensure the glow extends down to the collarbone!”

  • Hands: “Oh, and this is my new secret weapon to downplay crepey or dull skin on the tops of hands. FHF’s Mint Condition™ Hand Renewal Balm. Instant plumping that lasts! Oh, and infused with vitamin C to help fade sunspots. Shhh…I also use a touch on the décolleté to smooth any visible unevenness from sun damage.”

  • Eye Cream: “Firm-tastic Eyes™ Concentrate. Hot off the press…and I got a sneak peek. Obsessed! Gives an instant lift and has depuffing properties to ensure smoothness in the hostile crow's feet area. Since it doesn’t have a heavy consistency or sheen, it’s perfect to dab under the eyes AFTER makeup to lock in hydration and doesn’t disturb makeup. This is JUST launching this week…so get your pre-order in!”

  • Lips: “Keeping the peachy story going, I finished Jodie’s lips with FHF’s Vitamin Glaze® Oil-Infused Lip Gloss in Peach Peony. This keeps her kisser defined but not too bold. I like to keep Jodie’s eyes the most vivid, the focal point of her face.”

  • Highlighter: “Everyone wants dewy skin. Rather than slather on the glisten, I like to control where the face catches light. Enter FHF’s Golden Moon Dip® facial mousse. Just a touch warmer than champagne…the highlighter is the PERFECT tone for apples of the cheek, top of nose, and chin. Shhh..I also used on Jodie Foster’s arms for a ‘lil new car finish.”

Final Touches:

“Before she heads out, I make sure Jodie has a couple of tissues, a few mints, her lip liner and gloss, and if there’s space, a tube of FHF’s delish Hello Yellow Shea Butter Hand Cream. Why not?!”