Marlee Matlin radiates at the Oscars

If there were an Oscars award for Best Glowing Skin, Marlee Matlin would take home the win — and Farmhouse Fresh played a supporting role! This marvelously talented actress, who stars in the 2022 Best Picture-winning film, CODA, was prepped for Hollywood’s biggest night by @BrettGlam who whipped out his favorite FHF all-stars for the evening. 

@BrettGlam's FarmHouse Fresh Marlee Matlin Oscar Prep:

The Top Five FHF Skin Problem Solvers...the nominees are:

PREP: I had Marlee wash her face with C The Future foaming cleanser. With it's infusion of Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid it exfoliates, smooths and brightens. Perfect canvas prep'r!

BOOST: Before moisturizer I like to give the skin an extra boost. Illumination Juice facial tonic to the rescue! With a touch of vitamin C, superfruit extracts and organic aloe it really keeps the glow going!

HYDRATE: Shhh...the secret weapon in my kit is Kale Water weightless moisturizer. Oil free and has a touch of mattifying effect. This GREAT before makeup. I now use this as my moisturizer/primer -one step. Genius!

KISS READY: For Marlee's lips tonight I'm using a lip liner/gloss combo. Since lips are the last step in glam...I apply lip balm throughout the makeup process. I use Mood Fruit lip therapy Strawberry Tint lip balm. It's not greasy and give a lift of color. Perfect is Marlee's lip color fades...there's a light flush of tint underneath so you don't see a light, bare lip.

PAW PERFECTION: Glammy down to her toes! Before her stylist slips her magic slippers on I prep Marlee's feet with Honey Heel Glaze. Instantly smooths and turns any hoof into a pretty paw! The power of this honey, aloe, live fruit cell infused serum powerhouse takes away ashiness and soothes dry, cracked heels. Oh, it's not greasy...sooo important!


Illumination Juice Facial Tonic!

It was tough...but I have to give the newest product in the roundup all the applause! Not only does it really just set the stage for smells delish and is just so seamlessly sheer. Oh, and don't forget to shake before you use! I consider that my pro-insider tip ;-)

- Brett Freedman, Celebrity Makeup Artist