Our Beloved Granny Has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

It is with the heaviest of hearts to tell you all that Granny, the first animal to ever come live at the FHF Ranch, has passed away.

Granny has been facing medical issues the past few months, mostly related to impactions in her stomach, and has spent months (off and on) at the hospital.

A Sudden Turn

Last week she developed an abscess in her hoof, and yesterday Dr. Metcalf took an x-ray and compared it to one he took in December. He saw her bone had dramatically worsened since then, becoming infected. There were no options for improvement or even minor relief.

Our team loaded Granny in the trailer…and when we say all of the horses, we mean ALL of them, including our donkeys, Teddy and Harvey, surrounded us, watching her load up. 

At the hospital, Dr. Splawn, who has been taking care of her for months, met us with tears. The incredible staff LOVED Granny dearly, and were so attached to her.

Surrounded by Love

Last night she passed away peacefully in green grass, under a beautiful sky, and surrounded by love from those on our FHF team as well as the medical staff. 

Granny was loyal, kind, and FUNNY: her big ears expressed everything she was thinking! Granny always ended up becoming our resident babysitter too, with the sheep, goats -- she oversaw all the babies! She exuded a motherly and comforting presence. Granny was a natural and all the other animals could sense that too, we like to think.

An Endearing Memory

Recently, we had a ranch mystery! We couldn't figure out why the screens in our barns kept getting broken. Our sanctuary team was looking into industrial screens, bird-proofing, whatever we could find, until Paul found Granny poking her head through one of the screens! Culprit caught! 

Forever in our Hearts

Granny was easy going, a beloved stop for anyone on a tour, and a very close friend to all of us at the ranch – people and animals included. We will miss her bad breath, cleaning gunk from her eyes, massaging her ears, and protecting her from the flies who loved her skinny lady legs.

We will miss you forever Granny girl. Thank you for letting us care for you and love you all these years.