In Memory of Otis

A Very Special Rescue

It is with great sadness to tell you our beloved loved rescue boer goat, Otis, passed away. He was a pure ray of light on our farm! In the short year that we helped him get back on his feet, he made an incredible bond with his best friend, our pygmy goat Pops. The two were an inseparable, joyful, talkative little twosome. Otis will be greatly missed by all of us here who had the privilege of caring for him daily, and most especially Pops, his fast friend.

In his last few days with us, he did not want to eat or drink - we created custom food blends, even Gatorade and new grasses. But his energy remained low, and after our usual goodnight hugs, we found he had passed away in his sleep by morning.

Our rescue journeys are most often filled with so much joy -- unfortunately this was our saddest day on record. Thank you for helping us rescue him - we cherish the happy times he spent with us at the Ranch.