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Boer Goat


A Little Bit About Me...
Otis arrived emaciated, battling pneumonia, and with severely overgrown and twisted hooves. He required weekly vet visits and lots of intensive care. Despite these challenges, he found companionship with one of our spirited pygmy goats Pops, who quickly became his new best friend. After a short year with us, Otis peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge. He will be greatly missed by all of us here, but especially by Pops, his cherished friend.

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Otis was incredibly gentle and kind. Even when our baby donkey, Arlo, pestered him, sniffed all his parts, stared at him muzzle to muzzle, and nudged him to play, Otis rode it out patiently until Arlo found a new distraction. He LOVED munching on carrots and playing with his bestie, Pops. They would tire themselves out romping across 100 feet of horse stalls, and back again, for hours into the night.

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Rescue Journey