Farmies, Unite! Send 1 Email. Save Countless Lives.

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Farmies, you can make an instant difference today. Send 1 email, show us you did it, and we'll apply 700 points to your rewards account. Redeem your points on ANY order! 700 points earns you rewards like full-size lip products and hand creams, or you can use them for discounts on your order.

One of our sanctuary horses, Foster, on day of rescue

FarmHouse Fresh® customers are 100,000+ people strong, and if you send 1 email right now, it could push this act forward and save 20k horses & donkeys from a tortured death each year. Currently, a law protects dogs and cats from shipping to slaughter. This bill adds "equines" to that law. If we all email, they'll know it matters to us – in large volume!

700 Points = Tons of Full-Size Options!

Why Your Voice Can Make a Difference

We had the opportunity to speak with Sarah Chamberlain, Founder of Women2Women, and asked, "How can we help get the Safe Act of 2023 passed?" "Email your local representative," she said. "A large number of voices can absolutely make a difference."

 Your Member of Congress is your representative in the government. No matter your political stance, they are your voice in Congress. They want to hear your thoughts and share their own on national issues. They can help you communicate with all federal agencies like the IRS and Social Security Administration. When reaching out, follow these best steps. Your approach matters! 
- Sarah Chamberlain

Here's How to Quickly Earn Your Free Product / 700 Rewards Points

 To earn points, sign up or log in to our Farmtopia Rewards program.
 Click the "FIND YOUR REP" button below and enter in your zip code to find the representative for your district.


 Click the envelope icon under their photo and fill out their short form. 
 Ask them to support & pass HR 3475, the "Safe ACT of 2023 for Equines" (see example message below). 
 Take a picture or screenshot of the thank you confirmation screen and upload using the button below.


700 points will automatically be added to your account in 2-3 days!

* We have several programs running to push this Safe Act. If you prefer not to receive 700 points, and would prefer a surprise product get added to your cart for future checkout, simply email your photo to There is a limit of 1 free surprise product OR 700 points, per customer. 

Best Steps

  • You must live in your representative's district to reach out.
  • Politely introduce yourself and state your purpose clearly.
  • Explain the issue & why it's important to you and your community.
  • Back up your viewpoint with facts, data, or personal stories.
  • Clearly state your desired outcome.

Example Message to Send Your Rep

We've created this template for you to easily copy and paste into your message to your representative.

Dear [Representative's Name],

I am writing to urge you to support the Save America's Forgotten Equines (SAFE) Act (H.R. 3475 & S. 2037) to permanently ban horse slaughter in the United States and stop the export of horses for slaughter. As a FarmHouse Fresh® customer, I am part of a community that cares deeply about animal welfare, and we believe that horses and donkeys deserve our protection and respect.

Every year, thousands of these animals are subjected to inhumane treatment and slaughter. By passing the SAFE Act, we can ensure that these majestic animals are no longer subjected to such cruelty. Please consider supporting this important legislation to make a difference for these animals.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]