Sister Rosie


Date of Arrival
April 2022

Rosie was seen at a livestock auction with a swayback and a bad leg injury. A rescue organization based in San Francisco bought her and sent her to the hospital, assuming it would be a euthanasia case. But Rosie is a fighter, and for 7 months she was in a stall, getting better every day. The rescue organization called us and asked if we could take her in and give her sanctuary.

When we introduced her to the herd, there was no adjusting period, as the other horses immediately recognized her sweet personality and easy-going nature and accepted her right away.

Her name, Sister Rosie, was chosen to honor a TikTok user's daughter who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis, as children sometimes refer to the disease as "65 Roses." Initially, we thought she was in her 30s, but our vet recently aged her through a dental examination and she is about 22 years old! A reminder to get your yearly cleaning.

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