Farmanac | Seen & Herd on The Farm

ABC Invites You to Experience
Fresh New Beginnings on The Farm
Want to see the passion behind our collective efforts? Here’s a heartwarming dive into our FHF sanctuary – one that nurtures the freshest greens possible...
The Today Show Spotlights
Our Lifesaving Mission
TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports on all the heartwarming, lifesaving good we’re accomplishing together in their Motivational Monday segment. Want to see all the good you’ve...
Marlee Matlin radiates at the Oscars
If there were an Oscars award for Best Glowing Skin, Marlee Matlin would take home the win — and Farmhouse Fresh played a supporting role! This...
Preparing for Bad Weather: Winter Storm Edition
Year round, we are constantly checking the weather. Is it hot enough that we need to keep fans in the stalls on in the afternoon?...
FHF + Virgin Hotels Las Vegas = Red Hot
The Red Hot Love specials are available now – February 28 and are perfect for celebrating with a loved one or some girlfriends!
The Dodo: Buy Some Stuff and Help Out Pets In Need
Our favorite pet loving, uplifting, binge-watching site, The Dodo, gave a Farmie shout out. Featuring a handful of brands where your money is actually being...
Forbes 50 over 50 Inaugural Celebration Event
An incredible day with inspiring women - all changing the world through their businesses. As a special guest to the inaugural Forbes 50 over 50...
This CEO wants to save women's complexions — and farm animals — one jar at a time
[Excerpt from Know Your Value | NBC interview with Mika Brzezinski]  Shannon McLinden, CEO of FarmHouse Fresh, chats with Mika Brzezinski about her struggle to find her...
Lisa Kudrow Glows With Moon Dip for The Reunion of Friends
We grew up loving Phoebe, and we were OVER THE MOON when makeup artist to the stars, Brett Freedman told us he chose Moon Dip...
A Day Of Fixin's
HELPING CURB THE STRAY POPULATION Any rescue organization will tell you that reducing the number of strays and animals discarded to the streets starts with...
Live From The New York Stock Exchange
How FarmHouse Fresh is serving up a Farm-to-Table skincare experience - live on Cheddar business news network.
Street Showers: Helping Bring Dignity To Others
Showers For Everyone Over the last 3 years, Streetside Showers has provided “Radical Hospitality” to the suburban homeless in north Texas (54% are working families...
Donkey Acupuncture With Dr. Grand
A rare veterinarian who combines eastern & western medicines to heal our loved ones.
People Magazine Spotlights Our Rescues
"Skincare company also runs rescue full of inspiring animals..."
Free Pets For Everyone - Jan 7th
Your purchases enabled us to sponsor this event that changed the lives of so many animals and families.
5 Star Serving: Food For The Skin Facial - Westin Dubai
The Heavenly Spa at the Westin Dubai features a full FarmHouse Fresh Menu exclusive to the region.
Domino Wants You To Peek In Our Windows!
"This beauty company’s compound will make you want to move to Texas."
Reba + Watercress Hydration Cascade = CMA Glowtown!
A country icon glows with FarmHouse Fresh.
Forbes Magazine Features FarmHouse Fresh
"FarmHouse Fresh focuses on using sustainable farming methods (hydroponic, aquaponic and organic)..."
Why We Chose To Certify
We say our FarmHouse Fresh Organics collection promises 'Purity Down to The Roots', because it absolutely does.