A New Sheep Joins the Herd

Look who we've welcomed to The Farm! Last week, Chelli, our sheep and goat hoof trimmer, called asking if we have room for a friend's Hampshire sheep who would normally go into the show circuit but was born dwarf and they were unable to breed her. Of course we wanted her to go to a good home instead of a sale barn with an unknown outcome- so here she is! 

We drove to Midlothian, TX to pick her up. It was love at first sight! She is a total puffball and has the sweetest little smile and warm eyes. She rode in the backseat of the truck through the highways of Dallas - quite an adventure for a little sheep who had never left home! It was about an hour drive to the ranch and she was super calm and mostly looked out the window and got scratches and hugs.

As soon as we got to the farm we carried her to Gil’s Barn - where our sheep are living and loving life. Flower and Blossom (who we raised in our offices) were excited to welcome a new member to the herd. They're best pals.  Nancy (the long-hoofed gal who was found tied in a trunk) is still the leader, so she had to show off her dominance and give her some head butts. That night she bunked with Flower and Blossom, so they could show her the ropes and have a peaceful first night!

All seven sheep spent the next day grazing, running, and laying in the sunshine together.

And Then Came Her Name!

It’s always difficult to name a new animal. We take into account their personality, the other animals' names, and how everyone on the team feels about them. We were texting with Dr. Avery, our amazing vet, and asked her if she had any name ideas. She was teasing us about our name choices and said we’d probably choose something like “Moonflower, Sunshine, Sparkles, Chamomile, etc…” We were reading the text out loud and laughing. “Chamomile! Haha!! Ooh..Cami..That is kind of cute..” and thus Dr. Avery inadvertently gave us the perfect name for the newest member to our herd!

Chamomile is inquisitive and has the absolute cutest face. She is still quite shy, but always wants to know what is going on. As you’re cleaning stalls you’ll feel like someone is right behind you, only to find Cami right there! She likes to have her face scratched and we are sure with a little more time she will become comfortable with being handled.


Welcome home Chamomile!! We are so happy to have you join us