Crazy about Karl

Living the goat life

A mini Alpine Goat named Karl has joined the furry bunch on our Farm! We adopted this beautiful little fella from another rescue group in Melissa, TX that took him in from an owner seizure case. This wonderful rescue was at capacity when we first learned of Karl. In order for the rescue to save more animals and offer more second chances, they needed to find homes for the ones they had - in stepped FarmHouse Fresh to adopt Karl!

He’s a sweet puppy, but with hooves!

During his short time here with us so far, we’ve learned he loves to follow people around like a puppy, and will dig in your pockets for treats. He loves kisses - directly on the snout! And long scratches - from his hoofs to the tips of his ears. He'll sit next to you for an hour just to get scratched. Surprisingly, he likes to share hay piles and hang out with the biggest guys on The Farm: Stryker (our quarter horse), Spirit (our pony), and Gus (our male donkey).

And then, just as the hay was settling and Karl was making friends, HE BROKE HIS LEG!

We think he was having a little too much fun playing with our pygmy goat, Pops, when his leg slid in between his horns. So, now we're carrying Karl up the hill, loading him in the car, and making weekly vet trips for checkups and xrays. We've put a Serta dog bed in Karl's stall so he can get comfy and he LOVES his Serta! Karl is learning how to navigate "the hop" nicely with a goat cast signed by his favorite veterinarian, Dr. Avery. We expect him to heal in about six weeks!

It is from your purchases that we were able to give Karl a fresh start here on our farm. Thank you, from the FHF Family.