Tiny Trio Rescued: Meet Theodore, Alvin & Simon

Our Sanctuary team recently embarked on a rescue mission to save three adorable mini ponies from the Stroud barn in Oklahoma! Meet our little trio: Theodore, Alvin and Simon (lovingly named after Alvin and The Chipmunks).

Frail Little Fighter

When we first arrived at the sale barn, our hearts went out to the tiniest one, Theodore, who appeared thin and frail. We knew we couldn't leave him behind, so we made sure to ask if he came with any friends because we hate separating animals who are going through the trauma of being at a sale barn in the first place!

An Early Morning Rescue Mission

Paul, one of our devoted ranch hands, set out at the crack of dawn, driving four hours to bring Theodore and his two pals to safety at the Equine Hospital in Weatherford.

​​Theodore was underweight, and we quickly placed him on a UC Davis refeeding program to help him gain the necessary 30-40 pounds. He suffered from a bad cough and early pneumonia, so we immediately put him on antibiotics. He may also have a collapsed trachea – something we’re waiting to confirm.

Alvin, our extraordinary little fighter, is missing an eye. While we initially suspected it might be due to an injury, our vet believes he was born without the eye. Amazingly, it doesn't seem to bother him at all. However, his blood work revealed some elevated liver readings, so we started him on medication to address a possible infection. We also noticed spots of severe sunburn on his nose, which we'll closely monitor to prevent any potential complications.

Simon, the healthiest of the trio, received a clean bill of health. He is so loveable and affectionate, we deemed him the “protector” of little Theodore!

Together in Quarantine

These inseparable friends will quarantine together for 30 days, bonding and healing in their newfound safety and care.

Recovering from Strangles

We're dealing with a series of challenging health issues currently. All four of our newest minis began showing symptoms of Strangles, an aggressive equine streptococcal infection. It comes with fevers and painful skin abscesses, resembling large pimples, and it's highly contagious. Our team had to adhere to rigorous medical procedures, including changing into fresh clothes, and even showering, to prevent any potential spread to other animals. The good news is that Theo is now fever-free, and Teddy is steadily gaining weight. What's heartwarming is seeing their unbreakable bond; these two are now inseparable best friends.