A Smooth Castration for Patrick & McDreamy!

Snip, snip hooray! It was a big day for our handsome foster donkeys, Patrick and McDreamy, who underwent castration today.

Speedy Surgery Success

Dr. Metcalf performed the castration on both donkeys, and everything went swimmingly. Each donkey received sedation, was gently laid down, and the procedure itself took less than 5 minutes! Within 30 minutes, both Patrick and McDreamy were back on their feet and looking for their next meal.

Post-Op Pampering

To ensure a smooth recovery, both donkeys received antibiotics and pain medication. They'll also get daily exercise to keep them comfortable and healthy. As the Texas heat intensifies and the flies become more bothersome, we'll keep them fly-sprayed as needed.

We're happy to report that Patrick and McDreamy are doing great!