New Foster Rescues: Meet Poppi & Compadre

Welcome Poppi and Compadre, our newest fosters at our FHF Sanctuary! These two adorable rescues have already stolen our hearts, and we can't wait for you to meet them.

A Journey from Unexpected Places

Back in February, our friends at Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue (TPDR) reached out with a special request. They had two rescued animals, Poppi and Compadre, who desperately needed a temporary home until transportation could be arranged.

They had been in a hospital for 3 months recovering and preparing to go to Michigan – however, the weather was bad and there were some unforeseen circumstances where they needed us to foster them. We were thrilled to open our doors and offer them a safe haven.

Poppi: This sassy little dwarf miniature horse comes from a backyard breeder. Let's just say, her situation was NOT ideal.

Compadre: This gentle giant of a donkey was purchased from an auction. We can only imagine what his life was like before.

Both Poppi and Compadre arrived with some health challenges that needed immediate attention. Dr. Metcalf, our amazing vet, visited them shortly after they arrived and got them the care they deserved.

Compadre's Troubled Hooves

Dr. Metcalf, our veterinarian, visited Poppi and Compadre shortly after their arrival for a full checkup. When rescued from auction, Compadre's front hooves were in terrible shape.

While the hospital had already trimmed them some, there's a limit to how much can be safely removed without waiting for new hoof growth. X-rays revealed the culprit behind Compadre's discomfort – damaged coffin bones in both front hooves. Dr. Metcalf trimmed them as much as possible and then got creative.

Using dental impressions, he created custom molds to support Compadre's hooves and encourage proper growth. These molds are replaced every four weeks for the front hooves and every other week for the back. Thankfully, the relief seems to be working! Compadre stands straighter now, although he still spends a lot of time resting. He's not completely comfortable yet, but he can get up, move around, and graze – a positive sign. To manage his pain, he receives daily anti-inflammatory medication.

Poppi's Dental & Hip Concerns

Poppi's checkup also revealed some areas of concern. As a dwarf miniature horse, her unique build makes her more susceptible to mouth and hip problems. Her dental issues were causing ulcers in her mouth and the characteristic "chipmunk cheeks" we noticed.

Dr. Metcalf performed a procedure called "floating" on her teeth, essentially filing and reshaping them with specialized tools for easier eating. She handled it like a champ, and Dr. Metcalf even joked she was the tiniest horse he'd ever sedated!

However, Dr. Metcalf became concerned about Poppi's hip upon observing her walk. It appeared slightly dislocated, causing her to drag her leg a bit. X-rays confirmed his suspicions – her hip bone was partially out of the socket, likely a congenital condition. Similar to hip dysplasia in dogs, the vet could even hear a grinding sound when he manipulated her leg.

The good news is that Poppi's size offers some treatment advantages unavailable for larger horses. Dr. Metcalf plans to consult with a surgeon to see if she's a candidate for surgery. In the meantime, he'll create a special shoe to help rotate her leg and provide better hip support. Just like Compadre, she also receives daily anti-inflammatory medication for pain management.

Unlikely Friendships Bloom

Despite their initial health struggles, Poppi and Compadre have shown us just how much heart they have.

Compadre, who we think is in his late 20s, is a big softie who loves nothing more than a good cuddle and some sunshine. He's definitely the laid-back one in this duo.

Poppi is a feisty filly that isn't afraid to show her feelings. She showers us with kisses (adorable) but also gives us the side-eye if we say something she doesn't like (hilarious). Her excited squeaks are the cutest things ever!

An Unbreakable Bond

Poppi is rarely seen without Compadre by her side – we jokingly call them "forced roommates." Despite their initial awkward cohabitation, Compadre seems to have embraced this unlikely friendship. They're rarely seen apart, and it warms our hearts to see them supporting each other.

We're committed to giving Poppi and Compadre the love and care they deserve as they heal and adjust to their new home. Stay tuned for updates on their progress