Stryker's Dental Dilemma

We noticed swelling on the lower right side of Stryker's jaw. It didn’t seem to affect him (he was acting and eating normally without issues), but it was unusual – so we called in Dr. Metcalf to examine him

Diagnosis: Infected Root

Dr. Metcalf's examination and an X-ray revealed the culprit: an infected root in Tooth 7 on the bottom right side. The infection had led to significant swelling in the bone, posing a serious dental issue for Stryker.

Bottom teeth are notoriously tricky to extract due to their tight fit. Dr. Metcalf attempted two visits to remove the tooth directly, but even with sedation, Stryker was not the most patient guy. We made the decision to lay him down for the procedure.

Under the Jaw Drill

With a sterilized drill, Dr. Metcalf took a unique approach, going under the jaw to swiftly remove the troublesome tooth. The ease of the extraction hinted at the severity of the issue – the bone had started to rot.

Speedy Recovery

Stryker's recovery has been super impressive! He bounced back quicker than expected, resuming his role as the boss among his companions. A few days of pain medication and antibiotics was all it took.

This marked our first tooth extraction within the herd! Even though it was a bit out of the ordinary, Stryker's speedy recovery shows how much we care about these guys. Huge shoutout to Dr. Metcalf for the stellar care!